How to Get the Best from Men

Getting the best from men starts with understanding them. Having a relationship that is filled with love and HAPPINESS is possible. And it doesn't even have to be hard.

Host a private workshop for your inner circle.

You will learn to inspire...


Be appreciated, cherished, and deeply loved by the men in your life.


Inspire him to spend time with you, create with you, listen to you, commit to you, and be a better man for you.


There are four big troublemakers in nearly every relationship. Learn what they are and how to avoid them.


Make it safe for him to tell you anything and relish the intimacy you feel when he opens up to you.


Learn to set a boundary like a badass: kindly, gracefully, and for reals.


Get more of what you need from men with a lot less struggle, pushback, and confusion.

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See what past attendees have to say:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Thank you, Wendy, for your generous insight and compassionate understanding of men, women and partnership.

I joined this class with my mother. We are desperately trying to break eight generations of bad relationship dynamics with the men in our family. I'm sure that we are on a different path and look forward to a bright future being happy and healthy in our relationships with all men in our lives."

Hailey B.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"This workshop gives me hope that I can go forth and improve my relationships with all the men in my life.

I wasn't sure about a virtual workshop, but it was great. I liked all the opportunities for questions and sharing and I felt very connected to you and to the women in the room.

Thanks for bringing your heart, Wendy. And for the live in-action demonstration of what setting a boundary like a queen looks like. You really walk your talk."


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I wish I had this information years ago. I would have had a really different marriage, and it might not have ended the way it did. I'm inspired now with what I've learned to go out and into the world and truly create an awesome next partnership with a man."


“Why weren't we taught this in school? This has already transformed my relationship with my boyfriend. Magical and visceral. Thank you!"


For All Women

This workshop is designed for all women, regardless of relationship status. It's definitely worth doing, no matter whether you're dating, single, or even divorcing.

We ask that you fully participate in this virtual workshop by having your camera on for most, if not all, of the workshop. Please come with a willingness to listen and share, as there will be plenty of opportunities to collaborate in breakout rooms and in group Q & A discussions. We look forward to being with you!

A Word from Wendy

“When I was a little girl, the concept of "peace and joy" sounded super boring. I mean, where's the fun and excitement in that?!

Now grown, I am so grateful for my 18 years of studying men and partnership. It makes my daily life easy, peaceful and filled with appreciation and joy.

Ridiculously happy relationships are possible, and it doesn't even have to be hard. Join me!”


This is your blueprint to a ridiculously happy life.