Guys, I did not forget about you.

I'm often asked, "Do you only work with women?" and the answer is "mostly". Because most guys don't come asking for help.

So, I'm delighted you're here!

And I have tools for you right here, sir.

I look forward to giving you helpful, frank, and compassionate information on partnership, problem-solving, and a woman's point of view.


The Understanding Women Tools You Need

10 Things Women Wish You Knew...

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Whether you're a stranger, her new date, her lover, or her partner, there are things a woman hopes and wishes you knew every step of the way.

Take some of the stress out of your love life by finding out the top ten things women wish you knew, but are afraid to tell you.

Because you're a guy, I start each line with the point–No burying the lede here. Details follow.

Yes, what are the 10 things?!

What Men Need to Know About Women

DIY Workshop: Audio & Articles $15

When you're ready to end misunderstandings and miscommunication and improve your relationships with women, grab this tool and learn about women in a whole new way.

I do not make any money from the sale of this product. Please pay the lowest amount ($15) and if you feel you received value beyond $15, please Venmo me at Wendy-Newman-1 (thanks!)