Are You Ready for a Relationship Filled with Ease and Happiness?

It's totally possible with this proven 10-session blueprint to a ridiculously happy life.

Yes, I'm ready for an easy, happy relationship!

Frustrated with Your Relationship(s)?

If you're like most women, you probably feel like you:

  • Don't get the appreciation and recognition you deserve
  • Hate feeling like a nag but you don't want to do every damned thing yourself
  • Wonder if they're committed to you as much as you're committed to them
  • Struggle with setting boundaries and speaking up about what you need, want, and desire

Seriously, relationships can be tense– even in the best of circumstances.

Hi, I’m Wendy. I'm a media celebrated author, screenwriter, and relationship expert.

Getting the best from your partner starts with understanding them.

I’ve spent the last 2 decades (my day job) studying and understanding men, love, and partnership.

I have learned a lot!

And I have real and practical information just for you.

I’ve pulled together everything you need to create a strong foundation for a lasting, easy, happy partnership filled with appreciation and joy.

Ridiculously happy relationships are possible, and it doesn't even have to be hard.

Introducing the Happy for Love Workshop Where You Will Discover...


Be appreciated, cherished, and deeply loved by the men in your life.


Inspire him to spend time with you, create with you, listen to you, commit to you, and be a better man for you.


There are four big troublemakers in nearly every relationship. Learn what they are and how to avoid them.


Make it safe for him to tell you anything and relish the intimacy you feel when he opens up to you.


Learn to set a boundary like a badass: kindly, gracefully, and for reals.


Get more of what you need from men with a lot less struggle, pushback, and confusion.

This Happy in Love Workshop has everything you need to create an amazing relationship from scratch:

  • 5 hours of audio and video mini-sessions - take it in pieces or binge all at once
  • Downloadable audio so you can listen on the fly
  • Hands-on exercises that will help you feel—and be—more empowered
  • Access to a private Ready For Love community so you can access peer support

This "to-go" style workshop is designed for all women, regardless of relationship status. It's definitely worth doing, no matter whether you're dating, single, or even divorcing.

Are you ready to create an amazing relationship now?

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Why Should You Trust Me?

Don't just take my word for it, I've helped over 78,000 women on their journey to love and happiness.

Rave Reviews

"Life-changing! I had no idea that my marriage could be this intimate, fun, and safe. It's been three months now since I finished this series, and our marriage is unrecognizable in the best ways possible. I can't thank you enough, Wendy."

"I bought this to fix my husband, and instead I learned what I needed to fix my beautiful relationship.

I really did think I was a good listener before this workshop - oops! I'm grateful for having a way to get things I need from men. I'm shocked at how it all is working for me. Thank you!"

"This whole series is really well organized and extremely well thought out. The information offered is nothing short of completely transformative. I can't wait to see what happens now that I can be 'in the tent' – wow, that was powerful."

Getting the best from your mate starts with understanding them. Creating a powerful, loving partnership is totally doable. So what are you waiting for?

The Happy in Love Workshop will help you get there.