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Yes, I want the secrets of first date success!

Do you want to succeed in love?

If you're like most women, you're probably in 1 of 3 places:

  • You’re too intimidated to start dating, or
  • You’ve got no clue how to interpret what's going on, or
  • You’re frustrated by dead-end dates with the wrong men.

Seriously, dating can be really hard! Getting ghosted. Saying “nope” to the hopeful one standing in front of you. Having to do the fake purse-grab because sorting out the check is awkward AF.

I feel you. I’ve been there.

Hi, I’m Wendy. I’ve been on 121 first dates... yes, really, 121! Dave, my beloved, was #121.

I'm a media-celebrated author and a dating, sex, and relationship expert. I've impacted more than 80,000 women along their journey to love.

I know what works... and what doesn't.

That’s where “First Date Success Secrets” comes in. I bundled my top dating secrets into a DIY mini-class to save you from the endless pit of bad dates.

Now is the time to get on the fast track to the love of your life.

In First Date Success Secrets You'll Discover...


Specifically–what to say and not say on a first date. Bonus: Dating will be waaaay more enjoyable.


Seriously, some daters will lay down off-putting questions that are awkward AF. Find out what to do with them.


Catfish-proof your online profile. Know what these terms mean, and how NOT to accidentally do it yourself.


You will have the tools to be the best first date ever and have the best first date ever.


Get the information you want without turning the first time you meet into a job interview.


Really KNOW if he's the one with a method that goes way beyond your date's cuteness and chemistry.

This DIY mini-class reveals everything you need to finally succeed at dating and fall in love:

  • 40 minutes of bite-sized audio and video lessons - take it in pieces or binge all at once
  • Downloadable audio so you can listen on the fly
  • Engaging exercises that will help you feel—and be—more empowered

Ready to save yourself from SO many bad dates.. and get on the fast track to the love of you life?

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Rave Reviews

"All the things I talked about in my profile and on dates were totally sabotaging my chances of finding my guy. I showed David my old online profile before Ready for Love and he said, 'Honestly, I would have passed.' Ouch! I can't thank you enough."

- Kim F. – Austin, TX (Married 2019)

"Two of my favorite people just asked me to be a part of their family! Wendy, thank you for your wonderful work which was so influential in making this happen!."

- McKerrin K. – Los Angeles, CA (Married 2016)

“Finally! An adorable man with values I respect. Added bonus, I can be myself around him. Wendy, thank you for helping me get to this man."

- Caren F. – Traverse City, MI (Married 2019)

Get on the fast track to the love of your life.

$37 Now just $7